Throwback Thursday: Lindsay Lohan


           She is Lindsay Dee Lohan, also known as Lindsay Lohan. She  is an American actress, model and recording artist. She began her career as a child fashion model when she was three, and was later featured on the soap opera Another World for a year when she was 10. At age 11, Lohan made her motion picture debut in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap (1998), a critical and commercial hit. Her next major motion picture, Disney‘s remake of Freaky Friday (2003), was also a success at the box office and with critics. With the release of Mean Girls (2004), another critical and commercial success, Lohan became a household name and a frequent focus of paparazzi and tabloids. The two films earned her several MTV Movie Awards and Teen Choice Awards.


          Lohan‘s debut studio album, Speak (2004), was certified platinum. Her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005), was certified gold. In 2005, Lohan starred in Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded, another box office success. In 2006, she received positive comments on her work in independent films, including Robert Altman‘s A Prairie Home Companion and Emilio Estevez‘s Bobby. In 2007, two driving under the influence incidents led to Lohan being put on probation, and together with three visits to rehabilitation facilities caused the loss of several movie deals.




            In 2008 and 2009, Lohan worked as a fashion model and launched the clothing line 6126. She resumed her acting career with TV work in 2008, and starred in the TV film Labor Pains in 2009. She appeared in Robert Rodriguez‘s feature film Machete (2010). Between 2010 and 2013, Lohan went into rehabilitation three times, and spent much of her time entangled in legal problems stemming from misdemeanors and probation violations. In 2012 and 2013, she did further television work, including starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the biographical TV film Liz & Dick (2012). In 2013, she starred in Paul Schrader‘s independent film The Canyons. In 2014 the docu-series Lindsay aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network.


Lindsay Lohan

          I first saw Lindsay Lohan in a movie where she played a twin, I just don’t know what movie was that. When she was young, I mean a child, I always mistaken her as one of the Olsen sisters. Then, the last movie that I saw her was at Herbie, where she’s playing a car racer. And I didn’t know that she’s one of the cast of Mean Girls.





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Throwback Thursday: Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen


          Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986), also known as the Olsen Twins collectively, are American actresses and fashion designers. The sororal twins made their acting debut as infants playing Michelle Tanner on the television series Full House. At the age of six, they began starring together in TV, film, and video projects, which continued to their teenage years. Through their company Dualstar, the Olsens joined the ranks of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry at a young age.


          In 1987, at the age of six months, the twins were cast in the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House. They began filming at nine months old. In order to comply with child labor laws that set strict limits on how long a child actor may work, the sisters took turns playing the role. The Olsens continued to portray Michelle throughout the show’s run, which concluded in 1995.


           In 1992, Mary-Kate and Ashley shared the role of Michelle Tanner when they guest-starred on the Full House crossover episode of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. While starring on Full House, the Olsens also began appearing (as separate characters) in films for video and television. The first such film, To Grandmother’s House We Go, debuted in 1992 and featured cameos from several other Full House actors. In 1993, the Olsens established the company Dualstar, which would produce the twins’ subsequent films and videos, including that year’s Double, Double, Toil and Trouble and 1994’s How the West Was Fun. A series of musical mystery videos called The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley premiered in 1994 and continued through 1997.


          In 1995, following the end of Full House, the Olsens made their feature film debut in It Takes Two, co-starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirstie Alley. In the same year, they introduced a second video series, You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s…, which continued to release new entries until 2000.


        The following year, the Olsens appeared in an episode of All My Children. Also in 1998, the twins returned to series television with another ABC sitcom, Two of a Kind, co-starring Christopher Sieber as their characters’ widowed father. The series lasted only one season, but aired in reruns on cable for several years afterward. 1998 also saw the release of Billboard Dad, the first of a new string of direct-to-video films starring the Olsens. The final such film, When in Rome, debuted in 2002.


          In 2000, the Olsens appeared in an episode of 7th Heaven as bad-girls Sue and Carol Murphy. The following year, the sisters starred in two new series: So Little Time, a live-action sitcom on Fox Family (later ABC Family); and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, an animated series airing Saturday mornings on ABC. Both shows were cancelled after one season, although Mary-Kate received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for her performance on So Little Time.


         In early 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley had a cameo voice role in an episode of The Simpsons as the readers of Marge’s book-on-tape, The Harpooned Heart. Also in 2004, the twins starred in a second feature film, New York Minute. It would be their last film together, as well as Ashley‘s last acting role. Mary-Kate has continued to appear in film and television.


          Mary-Kate and Ashley had a fan club until 2000, “Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Fun Club“, where fans would pay to receive Mary-Kate and Ashley collectibles and photos. Each subscription included an issue of Our Funzine, Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s fan club magazine, exclusively available through the club, and a collectibles catalog, where one could purchase T-shirts, posters, baseball caps, key rings, school folders, postcards, and various other items. Subscribers would also receive “surprise gifts” (usually key rings, book excerpts, or back-issues of the Funzine), lyric sheets to Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s songs, a school folder, a membership card, a full-sized poster, two black and white photos (one of each girl), and a color photo with reprint autographs. The club was advertised at the beginning of Mary-Kate and Ashley movies until 1998.

Mary-Kate-Ashley-Olsen-Stylemint-Stylistpick           Mary-Kate and Ashley were popular figures in the preteen market during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Their names and likenesses extended, not only to movies and videos, but to clothes, shoes, purses, hats, books, CDs and cassette tapes, fragrances and makeup, magazines, video and board games, dolls, posters, calendars, and even telephones and CD players—with a market share made up mostly of the tween demographic. Mattel produced various sets of Mary-Kate and Ashley fashion dolls from 2000 to 2005, along with separate outfits and accessory packs.


           The sisters became co-presidents of Dualstar on their 18th birthday in 2004. Upon taking control of the company, Mary-Kate and Ashley made moves to secure the future of the company by releasing products that appealed to the teen market, including home decoration and fragrances. The Dualstar brand has been sold in more than 3,000 stores in the United States and over 5,300 stores worldwide. The Olsens have appeared on the Forbes “Celebrity 100” list since 2002; in 2007, Forbes ranked them (collectively) as the eleventh-richest women in entertainment, with an estimated net worth of US $100 million.


           As the sisters have matured, they expressed greater interest in their fashion choices, with The New York Times declaring Mary-Kate a fashion icon for pioneering her signature (and now popular among celebrities and fans alike) “homeless” look. The style, sometimes referred to by fashion journalists as “ashcan” or “bohemian-bourgeois”, is similar to the boho-chic style popularized in Britain by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. The look consists of oversized sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts, with an aesthetic of mixing high-end and low-end pieces. The twins were tapped as the faces of upscale fashion line Badgley Mischka in 2006.

          The Olsens had a clothing line for girls ages 4–14 in Wal-Mart stores across North America, as well as a beauty line called “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls”. In 2004, they made news by signing a pledge to allow full maternity leave to all the workers that sew their line of clothing in Bangladesh. The National Labor Committee, which organized the pledge, praised the twins for their commitment to worker rights.

          The Olsens have also launched their own couture fashion label, “The Row“, named after Savile Row in London. In 2007, they launched Elizabeth & James, a contemporary collection inspired by many of their unique vintage finds and pieces in their personal wardrobes. They have also released a women’s clothing line for J.C. Penney, called Olsenboye, and a t-shirt line called “StyleMint“. In 2008, the sisters published the book Influence, a compilation of interviews with many of the most prominent people in the field of fashion. In August 2013, the twins launched a new fashion line in Oslo, Norway.

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Throwback Thursday: Josh Hutcherson


           He is Joshua Ryan Hutcherson, also known as Josh Hutcherson. He  is an American actor. He began his acting career in the early 2000s, appearing in several minor film and television roles. Growing up as a child-actor, he gained exposure between 2004 and 2009 with major roles in the films Little Manhattan and Zathura, the comedy RV, the family adventure film Firehouse Dog, and the film adaptations of The Polar Express, Bridge to Terabithia, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant. He received eight Young Artist Award nominations for Best Leading Young Actor in those five years, half of which he won. In 2011, Hutcherson landed the leading role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games film series, based on Suzanne Collins’ novel series.



Josh Hutcherson  Portrait Session

          Hutcherson co-founded the gay–straight alliance campaign “Straight But Not Narrow” with Avan Jogia. Around the time he was born, two of his uncles who were gay, and in their early thirties, died of AIDS. In April 2012, he became the youngest recipient of the Vanguard Award from GLAAD, given for promoting equal rights for LGBT people. In regards to his sexuality, he told Out in October 2013 that while he considers himself to be straight he does not believe in being limited by labels.





          The first time I saw Josh Hutcherson was when I watched Zathura. I became interested in him, that’s why I find him on Friendster during those days. I became a follower of his movies ’cause I fell in love with him. And I crave for a brother who just like him.




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Throwback Thursday: Alexander Ludwig


           He is Alexander Richard Ludwig, also known as Alexander Ludwig. He is  is a Canadian actor, singer and model. His notable film credits include The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, Disney‘s Race to Witch Mountain, and The Hunger Games. He currently appears in the History Channel series Vikings.



Alexander Ludwig 10


           I started to see him in the movie where he was with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, playing an alien. Then, after a long time of not seeing him, I was surprise when I saw his buffed body, he also get taller and taller. His puberty really drove him crazy. He looks so matured. And then I saw him in The Hunger Games and sad he only appeared in the first movie.




Alexander Ludwig’s Sexy Photos



Alexander Ludwig & Uggie for Abercrombie & Fitch



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Throwback Thursday: Taylor Lautner


         He is Taylor Daniel Lautner or also known as Taylor Lautner. He  is an American actor, model, and martial artist. Lautner is best known for playing Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga film series based on the novels of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. I first saw him in the movie, The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. I find him so strong and athletic. He has this martial arts skill that he used in the movie.




         The late 2000’s saw Lautner become a teen idol and sex symbol, after extensively changing his physique to keep the role of Jacob Black in further Twilight installments, and generating media attention for his looks. In 2010, he was ranked second on Glamour‘s “The 50 Sexiest Men of 2010” list, and fourth on People‘s “Most Amazing Bodies” list. Also in the same year, Lautner was named the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood.



Some of his Sexy Pictures



images (1)




Mostly from the movie Twilight



Sexy GIF’s of Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner’s Signature

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Throwback Thursday: Macaulay Culkin



          He is Macaulay Carson Culkin, also known as Macaulay Culkin. He is  is an American actor and musician. He became famous for his role as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He is also known for his roles in Richie Rich, Uncle Buck, My Girl,The Pagemaster, The Good Son, Party Monster, and the music video for Michael Jackson‘s “Black or White“. At the height of his fame, he was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley TempleCulkin ranked at number two on VH1‘s list of the “100 Greatest Kid-Stars” and E!‘s list of the “50 Greatest Child Stars“.






The Evolution of Macaulay Culkin (1)

         Honestly, I’ve only watched 1 of his movies, ow let’s say 2 of his movies ’cause of its sequel, the Home Alone. I adore him since I watched that movie, adore him only when he was a kid because he was so cute that time, those rosy cheeks, pouty lips, that blonde hair, everything was perfect when he was still a kid. I think he’s the most perfect kid that time.









         But as days, years go by, lot of issues and problem was encountered by Macaulay. He  was arrested in Oklahoma City for the possession of 17.3 grams (0.61 oz) of marijuana and two controlled substances, 16.5 milligrams (0.25 grains) of Alprazolam and 32 milligrams (0.5 gr) of Clonazepam, for which he was briefly jailed, then released on a $4,000 bail. After being arraigned in court for misdemeanor drug offenses, he pleaded not guilty at the trial (October 15, 2004 to June 9, 2005), then later reversed the plea to guilty. He received three one-year suspended prison terms, and was ordered to pay $540 in fees.




         Despite of these issues, he never forgets to love. He has been dating former All My Children actress Jordan Lane Price since November 2013.



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Throwback Thursday: Jonathan Lipnicki


          Remember him? He is Jonathan William Lipnicki, also known as Jonathan Lipnicki. He is best known for his childhood roles in the Hollywood films Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, The Little Vampire, and Like Mike. You’ll never know what he looks like now.



          He is now as hot as this! (Droolin’ on those 6- pack abs) What about a Then & Now picture?



           Based on the information on his Twitter account, at the age of five he found out what he wanted to spend the rest of his life pursuing. He’s actor, a dog lover (wonder what is the breed of his dog/s), and a Brazilian jiu- jitsu purple belt.











           See the transformation? Well, he is such a gorgeous man. If he would give a chance to love him as his gay girlfriend (LOL), I would not let him stay away from me, I will marry him immediately. Jonathan is the perfect guy for me. (Kidding! But still hoping)




In his Jiu jitsu Attire

(That guy he’s kneeling was so lucky. I wish i was him. Lol!)


           I love this YOU USED TO BE CUTE video ’cause it was so funny and he really acted here so well. He’s really a great actor. He’s still cute now, by the way, I mean cuter. (It goes viral on Youtube)


MY MESSAGE TO JONATHAN LIPNICKI: Please visit the Philippines soon. I really want to meet and greet you in personal. I wanna be friends with you. I will tour you here in Manila, if you would come. Will be a privilege too. I LOVE YOU!! ♥ 


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