Man Crush Monday: Nick Bateman


           He is Nicholas Kevin Stanley Yunge-Bateman, also known as Nick Bateman. He is  a Canadian model and actor. He was born in Burlington, Ontario. At age 4 he engage in karate and soon he won few awards. At age 20 he graduated the Capilano University in Vancouver and then opened his own karate school. Soon he started his modeling career and during his modeling career he lived in Milan, as well as New York and Miami. Bateman is also known as a film actor, having co-starred in the 2011 film Hobo with a Shotgun.




          I really didn’t know who Nick Bateman is. Until I found his video, spread on Facebook. The video that I’m telling is him doing some exhibition with a long stick. Just click the link.

          After watching this video, I’ve got interested in him, like LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. With a shirtless doing that thing, who won’t fall in love for him. Damn! That was so hot!



           What I love about Nick Bateman is that he’s definitely hot. He’s sexy, smokin’ sexy. I love his facial hair which really look him like a buffed man. His gorgeous eyes, his sexy lips, his edible abs (kidding) and his waist muscle line down to his pelvis. And sorry I forgot, I love his bulge like the picture below.





          I would like him to be my boyfriend. Each and every girls and gays out there will kill to be Nick Bateman‘s girlfriend. He’s definitely a boyfriend material. I bet once you got him, you can’t let a guy with a hot body like this go. If you do let him go, you will waste your life forever. And one thing, he’s the type of guy you want to have a one night stand. But for me, would like him forever. I want him to be mine!





To know more about Nick Bateman, just go here:


Woman Crush Wednesday: Georgina Wilson


           She is Georgina Ashley Diaz Wilson, also known as Georgina Wilson. She  is a Filipina- British endorser, VJ, magazine and commercial model. She is one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines. I named her as the Miranda Kerr of the Philippines. If I would be the owner of the Victoria’s Secret Company, I would probably put her on the spotlight on the Victoria’s Runway Fashion Show, ’cause she really fit in that show. And who wouldn’t love her? She’s tall, she’s sexy and flawless. She’s perfect!





          Georgina Wilson was offered numerous modeling projects since high school. She declined those offers due to the rules of her Catholic high school (Assumption) banning their students from working in modeling, TV and movies. When she graduated, she was cast in a Pond’s commercial. After which, she received more modeling and acting offers. She is now the endorser of several products and brands in the Philippines such as Bench, Garnier, Technomarine, Ginebra San Miguel, Argentina Corned Beef, Fila, Belo Sexy Solutions, Cream Silk, American Apparel, Cadbury, Globe Tattoo, BlackBerry, Wade, SM Accessories, Pond’s, Kashieca, Jaguar and so much more. She appears in Bench fashion shows every year and has been on several magazine covers. She is also a VJ for Channel V. Recently she has also appeared in American Apparel‘s new ad campaign in the U.S.



Georgina Wilson Look Magazine (Jan-Feb 2012)-04



These are some of her Magazine Covers



With her Boyfriend, Borgy Manotoc


Georgina Wilson Preview Magazine September 2013 cover-03

Georgina Wilson Preview September 2013 c

Georgina Wilson Preview September 2013 d

Georgina Wilson Preview September 2013

HighProfile Georgina Wilson




To know more about Georgina Wilson, go here:




Woman Crush Wednesday: Nicole Scherzinger


          She is Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente, also known as Nicole Scherzinger. She became the lead singer of a burlesque troupe turned into a girl band named, The Pussycat Dolls, but she’s is now pursuing her own solo career. She even became a judge on X Factor USA and U.K.. She won the Season 10 of Dancing With The Stars together with her partner, Derek Hough,


From Buttons video


From Boomerang video


From Poison video



          Nicole Scherzinger will be the 1st woman that will turned me into straight. She has perfect tanned skin, great height, nice voice and a religious person. She’s a total package person. All the personalities that a man is looking for, is with Nicole. What can you ask for more? 




          She is now with her fiance, Lewis Hamilton, a British Formula One Racing Driver from England, I think. But I’m happy for them. As long as Nicole is happy, I’m happy for her too.



          I’ve been a fan of Nicole Scherzinger since 2010. I begin idolizing her when the album of the Pussycat Dolls came out, the Doll Domination. But until now, even the group was disbanded, I still love them and I will be a forever fan of them, especially of my fellow Kababayan from the Philippines, Nicole Scherzinger.

To know more about Nicole Scherzinger, just click the link here:

Lemery, Batangas

         Last October 2011, during our semestrial break in college, me and my friends decided to go on a vacation in one of our friend’s province. We have decided to go to Lemery, Batangas where my friend has their own house there at Batangas. We commuted to go to Batangas, riding a van and a tricycle to get to the house of our friend. When we’ve arrived at the house, it was so refreshing because we are going to live in an isolated place where trees, farm and a near pond were surrounding you.



           This is the outside of the house we used for living during our vacation in Batangas.



       The flip flop I used during our stay, Sandugo.




    The Farm 







The Pond




The Farm During Sunset



Me Carrying a Coconut at the Pond During Sunset

        On our 1st day at Batangas, the boys decided to play basketball with the lads living there. The basketball court was not cemented, rather it’s just a dry sand, so it’s dusty when they run.


My friends playing basketball with the lads who lived there

      On our way home, we have passed a little tomato farm. So we decided to get some tomatoes to bring them home.



Tomato Farm

      On our way home, we were lucky to find a little so- called store, so me and the girls decided to buy some street foods, like ihaw- ihaw, betamax, hotdogs, etc.



Street Foods (Yikes!)

     On our 2nd day at Batangas, we decided to have some fun, a sight- seeing one. We ride on a boat, not the beautiful one, but it was nice and so refreshing to ride up there. And for your information, we ride in that boat FOR FREE.












      Our Boat Journey

      On our last day, we have decided to go to a beach. Unfortunately, we arrived nearly 6 o’clock in the afternoon so we didn’t enjoy the beach too long. Actually, we were the only people in that beach that day, so its kinda creepy and scary when the night strikes.









Last Day on the Beach

Love Wrecked (Gay Version)


           This is my 3rd book that I’ve published on Wattpad, Love Wrecked. This is actually excerpt from a movie, I just make my own version where my brethren’s from my community can relate to, a gay version.


          The original version of Love Wrecked was played by Amanda Bynes and Chris Carmack, where on a Caribbean cruise, Jenny (Amanda) is marooned on a beach with her rock and roll idol. Deliriously in love with the idea of time alone with him, she manages to hide the fact that they’re a stone’s throw away from their resort.

                   But in my version, it was all about taking advantage to your rock star idol just to make him fall in love with you, but eventually, the gay protagonist refuse his feelings to this rock star, ’cause he realized that don’t even know this rock star personally before.


             Of course, as the writer of the story, I imagine myself playing the role of Amanda Bynes as Jenny but with the name of Kurt. Kurt has a best friend named Jacob. He always bring Jacob together with him wherever his rock star idol, Daniel Padilla go. Actually, he is insanely madly crazy in love with Daniel Padilla, like he is an avid fan.


            For the role of Ryan, played by Jonathan Bennett in the movie, I see Jacob Ejercito playing it. But I named him as Jacob (the name himself), Kurt‘s best friend. Whenever Kurt talks about Daniel Padilla, he hide his feeling of jealousy, ’cause he is secretly in love with his best friend, but Kurt don’t feel it, like he’s numb.


             For the role of the rock and roll heartthrob, Jason Masters, I chose Daniel Padilla to play the role who was played by Chris Carmack. I chose him because Daniel is exactly the hottest and most popular rock star of this generation. He’s not even my crush but I was captured by his chinito eyes and strong sex appeal.

              Daniel Padilla played himself in my story. He was fell overboard on a cruise ship during a typhoon and saved by Kurt, but eventually marooned on an island.


             I chose Kathryn Bernardo to play the role of Alexis Manetti, who was played by Jamie Lynn- Sigler. I named Kathryn here as Katerina. Katerina is the rival of Kurt to Daniel Padilla. When she found out that Kurt and Daniel Padilla was marooned in the island right next where they stay or work, she also pretend that she was a victim of the strong typhoon, and the competition between her and Kurt started.

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I Love You, Pare! Series


           This is my first book or story that I’ve made on Wattpad. It is entitled. I Love You, Pare!. It is a story between 2 guys, a gay guy and a straight guy, to be specific. This story was excerpt 30% from my life and 70% came from my sexy imagination.

            The story is all about a gay guy who need to choose between 2 straight guys who truly loves him. Is he going to choose his friend who confesses to him that he really loves him but the gay guy only see him as a friend or the guy who judged your whole being but really accepts you for who you are and you know he really loves you and you same way too?

Read it here:


           Due to highly demand and good feed backs I received from my readers, I decided to make a sequel for my first book, I Love You, Pare!I named it, I Love You 2, Pare!. I only finished it within 1 month due to me being inspired. Lol!

           You can’t read the book 2 if you haven’t read the book 1 first, ’cause you won’t understand the twist that will happened in the book 2. It’s a little puzzling. So, I recommend you to read the first book first, before this one.

             Same story, same character, but there are some additional characters and the life of the characters differ from the previous book. This book was all about giving a second chance.

             What if, the guy who really accepts you for who and what you are, but now cheats on you came back to your life, would you learn to forget everything and try to forgive him? What if he still loves you, are you going to gave him another chance or just move on?

Read it here:


           This is John Joseph “Jay” Cruz (actually me), he is the gay guy in the story.


           He is Juan Emilio “Uno” Enriquez (book 1) / Uno Marquez (book 2). (Jake Ejercito in real life. I made him Jay’s love partner int he book, ’cause he is my crush/ love ever since I saw him. He’s actually my ideal guy. But in real life, I’m just, NGA- NGA to him.)


           He is Markki Marquez. (Markki Stroem in real life) He is the friend of Jay Cruz, who is actually the cousin of Uno Enriquez/ Uno Marquez. He will be the Uno’s rival to Jay‘s heart. (I made him one of the characters because he is my celebrity crush.)


            He is Axel Wilson. (Axel Torres in real life) He will play the role of Georgina Wilson‘s cousin. (Yes! Georgina Wilson will be on my story) He will meet Jay at Boracay and became friends. (book 1) In book 2, he will be Jay‘s boyfriend. (I made him one of the characters because I was love at first when I saw him on PBB. I just love his eyes, ’cause he’s chinito ♥ )