Throwback Thursday: Jonathan Lipnicki


          Remember him? He is Jonathan William Lipnicki, also known as Jonathan Lipnicki. He is best known for his childhood roles in the Hollywood films Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little, The Little Vampire, and Like Mike. You’ll never know what he looks like now.



          He is now as hot as this! (Droolin’ on those 6- pack abs) What about a Then & Now picture?



           Based on the information on his Twitter account, at the age of five he found out what he wanted to spend the rest of his life pursuing. He’s actor, a dog lover (wonder what is the breed of his dog/s), and a Brazilian jiu- jitsu purple belt.











           See the transformation? Well, he is such a gorgeous man. If he would give a chance to love him as his gay girlfriend (LOL), I would not let him stay away from me, I will marry him immediately. Jonathan is the perfect guy for me. (Kidding! But still hoping)




In his Jiu jitsu Attire

(That guy he’s kneeling was so lucky. I wish i was him. Lol!)


           I love this YOU USED TO BE CUTE video ’cause it was so funny and he really acted here so well. He’s really a great actor. He’s still cute now, by the way, I mean cuter. (It goes viral on Youtube)


MY MESSAGE TO JONATHAN LIPNICKI: Please visit the Philippines soon. I really want to meet and greet you in personal. I wanna be friends with you. I will tour you here in Manila, if you would come. Will be a privilege too. I LOVE YOU!! ♥ 


To read more about his viral video on Youtube, You Used To Be Cute, just click here:


To know more about Jonathan Lipnicki, visit his website here: