Love Wrecked (Gay Version)


           This is my 3rd book that I’ve published on Wattpad, Love Wrecked. This is actually excerpt from a movie, I just make my own version where my brethren’s from my community can relate to, a gay version.


          The original version of Love Wrecked was played by Amanda Bynes and Chris Carmack, where on a Caribbean cruise, Jenny (Amanda) is marooned on a beach with her rock and roll idol. Deliriously in love with the idea of time alone with him, she manages to hide the fact that they’re a stone’s throw away from their resort.

                   But in my version, it was all about taking advantage to your rock star idol just to make him fall in love with you, but eventually, the gay protagonist refuse his feelings to this rock star, ’cause he realized that don’t even know this rock star personally before.


             Of course, as the writer of the story, I imagine myself playing the role of Amanda Bynes as Jenny but with the name of Kurt. Kurt has a best friend named Jacob. He always bring Jacob together with him wherever his rock star idol, Daniel Padilla go. Actually, he is insanely madly crazy in love with Daniel Padilla, like he is an avid fan.


            For the role of Ryan, played by Jonathan Bennett in the movie, I see Jacob Ejercito playing it. But I named him as Jacob (the name himself), Kurt‘s best friend. Whenever Kurt talks about Daniel Padilla, he hide his feeling of jealousy, ’cause he is secretly in love with his best friend, but Kurt don’t feel it, like he’s numb.


             For the role of the rock and roll heartthrob, Jason Masters, I chose Daniel Padilla to play the role who was played by Chris Carmack. I chose him because Daniel is exactly the hottest and most popular rock star of this generation. He’s not even my crush but I was captured by his chinito eyes and strong sex appeal.

              Daniel Padilla played himself in my story. He was fell overboard on a cruise ship during a typhoon and saved by Kurt, but eventually marooned on an island.


             I chose Kathryn Bernardo to play the role of Alexis Manetti, who was played by Jamie Lynn- Sigler. I named Kathryn here as Katerina. Katerina is the rival of Kurt to Daniel Padilla. When she found out that Kurt and Daniel Padilla was marooned in the island right next where they stay or work, she also pretend that she was a victim of the strong typhoon, and the competition between her and Kurt started.

Read it here:



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