I Love You, Pare! Series


           This is my first book or story that I’ve made on Wattpad. It is entitled. I Love You, Pare!. It is a story between 2 guys, a gay guy and a straight guy, to be specific. This story was excerpt 30% from my life and 70% came from my sexy imagination.

            The story is all about a gay guy who need to choose between 2 straight guys who truly loves him. Is he going to choose his friend who confesses to him that he really loves him but the gay guy only see him as a friend or the guy who judged your whole being but really accepts you for who you are and you know he really loves you and you same way too?

Read it here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/15309787-i-love-you-pare


           Due to highly demand and good feed backs I received from my readers, I decided to make a sequel for my first book, I Love You, Pare!I named it, I Love You 2, Pare!. I only finished it within 1 month due to me being inspired. Lol!

           You can’t read the book 2 if you haven’t read the book 1 first, ’cause you won’t understand the twist that will happened in the book 2. It’s a little puzzling. So, I recommend you to read the first book first, before this one.

             Same story, same character, but there are some additional characters and the life of the characters differ from the previous book. This book was all about giving a second chance.

             What if, the guy who really accepts you for who and what you are, but now cheats on you came back to your life, would you learn to forget everything and try to forgive him? What if he still loves you, are you going to gave him another chance or just move on?

Read it here: http://www.wattpad.com/story/16861045-i-love-you-2-pare


           This is John Joseph “Jay” Cruz (actually me), he is the gay guy in the story.


           He is Juan Emilio “Uno” Enriquez (book 1) / Uno Marquez (book 2). (Jake Ejercito in real life. I made him Jay’s love partner int he book, ’cause he is my crush/ love ever since I saw him. He’s actually my ideal guy. But in real life, I’m just, NGA- NGA to him.)


           He is Markki Marquez. (Markki Stroem in real life) He is the friend of Jay Cruz, who is actually the cousin of Uno Enriquez/ Uno Marquez. He will be the Uno’s rival to Jay‘s heart. (I made him one of the characters because he is my celebrity crush.)


            He is Axel Wilson. (Axel Torres in real life) He will play the role of Georgina Wilson‘s cousin. (Yes! Georgina Wilson will be on my story) He will meet Jay at Boracay and became friends. (book 1) In book 2, he will be Jay‘s boyfriend. (I made him one of the characters because I was love at first when I saw him on PBB. I just love his eyes, ’cause he’s chinito ♥ )



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